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AERE presents at the Innovation in Testing Conference 2018 on
  • 1. A Cross Divisional Presentation - Lessons Learned – Sharing The Mistakes That Assessment Professionals Make
  • 2. Thought Leaders Exchange
  • 3. The Learn Feedback Program – Using a Valid Feedback Instrument to Improve Delivering and Receiving Feedback in the Workplace
  • 4. A Q&A Session with Experts to Overcome Test Development Challenges: A Continuation of Our 2017 Conversation
  • 5. Innovative Solutions to Improve the Quality of Your Items

About Us

AERE provides assessment, education, and research consulting services to organizations specializing in assessment, licensure, certification, employment selection, survey research, and data analysis.

Our Experience

AERE's staff has experience working with different credentialing programs as well as serving as credentialing managers and psychometricians for large credentialing and education assessment.

Our Services

Using our expertise and experiences we provide consulting services for organizations to address their assessment, education, and research needs.

Our Services

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Assessment Services

AERE provides a multitude of assessment consulting services across the test development life cycle using traditional multiple choice and innovate item type based assessments to performance assessments. The services include psychometric consultation,auditing and program evaluation, accreditation consultation (ANSI ISO/IEC 17024, ASTM E2659, and NCCA standards), employment selection and neurocompetency assessment development.

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Educational Services

AERE provides a number of educational services which includes the development of courseware using common instructional design practices such as the ADDIE model or AERE's in house FLASH3 model. Other educational services include educational technology development and delivery, body of knowledge development, standards development (following ISO development standards for SDOs), and workshop trainings on various topics including test development.

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Research Services

AERE provides a number of research services that include scoping and defining the research questions and outcome metrics using a number of data collection methodologies (literature reviews, existing data sources, survey research, focus groups, and interviews). More specific research includes feasibility/needs assessments, program evaluation,value of certification and education program studies, marketing research, and data and statistical analysis and reporting.


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Our Staff

Applied Lifelong Learning Institute

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Welcome to the Applied Lifelong Learning Institute (ALL-Institute). Our philosophy is very simple, we will provide a learning opportunity that is engaging, meaningful, and aligned to real-world work situations across the career lifespan. Our chief complaint with employers who we develop learning and assessment solutions is that their current solutions don't resemble the real world. So, like our eLearning, training, and assessment solutions, the ALL-Institute develops a curriculum and learning experience that is applied, real-world, problem-based, and represents the needs of the employers and ultimately helps the learner succeed.