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8-3-18 - Adding Value to Your Credential by Developing Personality Profiles of Your Certificants
Drs. Rita Dykstra and Manny Straehle

The presenters will discuss various methods to build a personality profile across your low, mid, and high performing candidates. Using various personality factors such as openness, neuroticism, motivation that are measured by very common tests such as the Big 5, MMPI, 16PF, DISC, Ennegram, WPDS, Eysenck, TAT, and Winslow, the presenters will discuss how profiles can be developed. Other non-personality measures can also be included as part of the profile such as  intelligence testing and specific areas outside the scope of personality testing. Once profiles are developed, a credentialing organization can to determine on the job/career success using specific outcomes (e.g., efficiency, quality, work with others). Ultimately, further assessments and training can be specific for various profiles. The presenters will explore this further. 

Course date: 08/03/2018
Location: Virtual
Intended Audience: Novice to Expert
Meeting type: Virtual
Fee: $0
Instructor(s): Drs. Rita Dykstra and Manny Straehle
Discussant/Moderator: TBA
Total seats available: 20

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