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7-28-2018 - Tips on Navigating the NCCA and ANSI Accreditation Process
Patricia Buley Nathalie Collautt and Anjali Weber

In this Q&A session, the moderator will ask two individuals who have navigated the accreditation process for NCCA and ANSI certificate and certification standards. In particular, it will focus on the certification and certificate managed by ANSI's (ISO 17024 and ASTM E2659) and NCCA's certification and certificate program (ICE 1100). 

The session intends to ask the presenters about the business factors such as costs, level of effort, and value of these accreditation standards. In addition, other factors will be discussed such as preparing for the standards, providing evidence for the standards, fulling the requirements for management, document, and psychometric requirements, exploring difficult areas of the standards, and working with the ANSI/NCCA assessors and/or commissioners. 

Course date: 07/27/2018
Location: Virtual
Intended Audience: All Levels
Meeting type: Virtual
Fee: $0
Instructor(s): Patricia Buley Nathalie Collautt and Anjali Weber
Discussant/Moderator: Manny Straehle
Total seats available: 20

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