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6-15-18 - Feedback on Feedback - Effectively Delivering and Receiving Feedback
Emily Kim Rita Dykstra and Manny Straehle

Over the past two years, the AERE team has developed a program that assesses, teaches, monitors, and coaches employees and employers on how to effectively deliver and received feedback. The program entitled LearnFeedback is powered by a scientifically valid assessment - the Straehle Feedback Inventory. The inventory is a self-assessment that measures how an individual delivers and receives feedback. In this session, more detail will be shared on the different types of feedback such as empathetic and reactive feedback. Finally, we will discuss some tips we use in our program to help you deliver and receive feedback effectively.  

Course date: 06/15/2018
Location: Virtual
Intended Audience: All
Meeting type: Virtual
Fee: $0
Instructor(s): Emily Kim, Rita Dykstra, and Manny Straehle
Discussant/Moderator: TBD
Total seats available: 20

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