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3-23-18 - What Are Stackable Credentials
Jennifer Naughton Dr. Liberty Munson and Dr. Manny Straehle

In this session, the presenters will define a stackable credential, uses, and value. There are a few models, often linear, where the credential expands throughout a career and competency levels (entry level, mid-career, and seasoned). Therefore, as the credentials stack above one another they are expected to have more cognitively demanding and difficult assessment content. After, the presenters will provided examples from the industry and their own organizations.

Course date: 03/23/2018
Location: Virtual
Intended Audience: All Levels
Meeting type: Virtual
Fee: $0
Instructor(s): Jennifer Naughton, Dr. Liberty Munson, and Dr. Manny Straehle
Discussant/Moderator: Not Applicable
Total seats available: 25

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