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2-2-18 - PSY201 - Beyond Sprinting: 90 Days to Develop a Credentialing Program
Drs. Manny Straehle and Liberty Munson

This course is designed to teach and guide organizations on how to manage the development of launching a credentialing program in 90 days. Below are the topic areas and examples that will be taught.

  • Strategic Considerations
    • Strategic alignment with organizational goals
    • Naming and purpose the credential
    • Eligibility criteria
    • Assessment type
    • Competency level
    • Target audiences including SMEs and international audiences
    • Target B2B
    • Endorsements
    • Accreditation
    • Maintenance/Recertification
    • Certification versus Certificate
    • Translation, delivery, vendor management
  • Marketing Considerations
    • Strategic marketing (segmentation, value proposition plan, positioning, branding, pricing)
    • Tactical marketing (communication tactics such as social media, integrated marketing, video/native)
    • Tradition versus digital channels
    • Global considerations
    • Implications of social psychology/influence theory on marketing
  • Test Development/Psychometric Considerations
    • Test Development Lifecycle
    • Traditional/Waterfall Models
    • Agile Models
    • Testing and measurement Standards (NCCA, ANSI, Buros, Joint Standards, ITC, SIOP, Uniform Guidelines)
  • Operational Considerations
    • Project Planning
    • Risk Analysis
    • Costs
    • SME Management
    • Steering/Oversight Committee
    • Vendor selection/management
  • Other Considerations
    • Accreditation
    • Translation/international
    • Small volume

Course date: 02/02/2018
Location: Virtual
Intended Audience: Novice to Expert
Meeting type: Online
Fee: $0
Instructor(s): Drs. Liberty Munson and Manny Straehle
Discussant/Moderator: None
Total seats available: 20

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