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6-1-18 - Translating Localizing and Globalizing Your Credentialing Program
Sue Orchard and Manny Straehle

Often credentialing managers and executives are asked to translate and adapt their exams to strategical position their organization globally.  In doing so, there are many factors and challenges to consider when translating and adapting a credentialing exam. These factors and challenges can be classified into two major categories which are business and technical. The business factors and challenges include but not limited to whether translation or adaption services are necessary, revenue forecasting, marketing, stakeholder buy in, internal staff capability, vendor selection, customer service, and security. The technical factors and challenges include but not limited to translation and adaptation quality and methods and psychometric concerns. Surprisingly, if a credentialing organization has no experience with translation and adaptation, they will have to navigate these factors and challenges since there are almost no guidelines.

With many credentialing organizations considering translation and adaption, the panelists will provide practical guidance to attendees when adapting or translating an exam given the factors and challenges. The panelist are a diverse group of experts representing a translation vendor, consulting vendor, and a certification organization. They will provide practical guidance and innovative solutions given their diverse experiences and knowledge on translating and adapting credentialing exams. 

Course date: 06/01/2018
Location: Virtual
Intended Audience: Novice to Expert
Meeting type: Virtual
Fee: $0
Instructor(s): Sue Orchard and Dr. Manny Straehle
Discussant/Moderator: Not Applicable
Total seats available: 20

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