Assessment Services

At AERE, our assessment procedures and results are highly reliable and relevant for recruitment and employment, performance and skill accreditation, academic and professional aptitude testing as well as for the preservation and maintenance of certification and licensing value.

  • Test Development

    We are aware of the undeniable correlation between an efficient testing model and the value of test scores. At AERE we develop highly customized test designs that are targeted for optimum results. We offer consultation services for a wide-ranging scope of academic, psychometric, professional and aptitude testing. Our consultation services embrace every phase in the test development and deployment process. Our customers can be sure to get support on everything from test design and strategy, job analysis, test specifications/blueprint/content outline, item writing including alternative item types/innovative item types, to item editing, item review, performance assessments, and assembly. At AERE, we offer support throughout every phase of the test development process.

  • Psychometric services

    This service includes item analysis using both classical (CTT) and item response theory (IRT) models, equating, scaling, differential item functioning (DIF), fit analyses, reliability analyses, and standard-setting studies. We have cultivated a dynamic approach to mental measurement by adopting tested and proven techniques. We utilize IRT models which have an astounding level of efficacy and popularity amongst researchers. With the IRT model, we can offer a different set of items to candidates while maintaining a uniformly accurate estimate of aptitude.

  • Performance Assessments

    We maintain the highest standard in the development of performance assessment solutions. We provide clear targets, deploy accurate methods and deliver accurate assessments that are free from distortions. The scope of our performance assessments consulting broadly covers identifying and developing the test content (e.g., low to high fidelity animated scenarios, simulated computing and internet conditions, standardized performers and live simulations, on-the-job performance observations), developing rubrics (e.g., analytic, holistic), training and calibration of raters, scoring, feedback, and more.

  • Accreditation Consultation

    We offer comprehensive accreditation consultation support to organizations that are trying to acquire or maintain certifications programs under the ANSI (17024/ASTM E2659) or NCCA standards.

  • Employment Selection Assessments

    We deploy an extensive range of employment assessment tools that are specifically designed to evaluate relevant skills, aptitudes, intelligence, passion, and qualities in candidates. Our employment assessment tools and procedures are effective for making employment decisions and apply to interviews, review of experience or education from application forms, work samples, physical prerequisites, and evaluations of performance.

  • Neurocompetency

    The range of our assessment proficiency extends to neuro-competency. We understand that there is an undeniable relationship between the brain and competency. We continue to collaborate with some of the finest neuropsychologists in the world to develop innovative neuro-testing models with staggering success.