Educational Services

Through a series of highly customized technology solutions and programs, we deliver world-class educational support with impressive outcomes.

  • Instructional Design (ISD)/Curriculum Development Services

    We utilize an instructional design framework which systematically follows five stages. Our experts are effectively positioned to develop formidable courses and modules for instructional and academic training. Our in-house instructional design model called Flash3 follows the process of ADDIE and delivers laudable results.

  • Body of Knowledge Development

    We assists in the development of educational contents and materials for specific professions.

  • Standards Development

    We provides resources and expertise to Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) for the development of ISO/ANSI standards for any industry.

  • Workshop Training

    We provide robust workshop training services that amply cover various topics such as survey research, psychometrics, test development, educational theory, and instructional design.