Research Services

Our research services amply cover all types of qualitative and quantitative research for academic, marketing and statistical purposes. Our professional touch ensures that our research operations are controlled, rigorous, systematic, valid and verifiable. AERE takes research to a whole new level with credible methodologies and actionable outcomes.

  • Research Methods Services

    We deploy a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methodologies while providing accurate, relevant and actionable results. We deliver on from survey research to focus groups and interviews.

  • Survey Research

    Our online survey research explores a variety of techniques which includes the use of questionnaires, telephoning, interviews, specially formulated communications, sampling, data analysis, statistical analysis, and reporting. With the meticulous and strategic deployment of our survey research tools, we are poised to deliver versatile, accurate and reliable results.

  • Focus Groups

    We are efficiently equipped to deliver topnotch focus group research that produces actionable findings that meets organizational needs. Our experts help organizations identify and streamline their research goals and adopt the appropriate methods for the selection of appropriate candidates.

  • Interviews

    We guarantee an exceptional interview research process that produces valid and actionable findings. We deliver outstanding interview research results and efficiently deploy the Critical Incident Technique for credible observational findings.

  • Feasibility Study/Needs Assessments

    Our training, expertise, and techniques prepare us to deliver the optimum feasibility study analysis and reports. Through highly customized techniques and measurements - we assess the practicality of a planned operation or system with alarming accuracy. Our feasibility studies provide credible findings ideas, business, innovations, technology, systems, operations to determine whether a venture is worthwhile.

  • Marketing Research Study

    We adopt a holistic approach towards marketing research with a staggering level of efficacy. Our marketing research efforts broadly encompass the following areas of marketing research

    • Market Testing/Beta Testing/Field Trials
    • Concept Testing
    • Demand Estimation
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Metric Development and Analysis
    • Price/Cost Testing (Elasticity)/Purchase Process
    • Segmentation/Stakeholder Analysis
    • Consumer Decision Analysis
    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Equity/Competitor Research
    • Awareness Testing
    • Word of Mouth Analysis
    • Attitude Surveys
    • Customer Recovery/Retention Research
    • Product Placement Analysis
    • Data and Statistical Analysis